Toledo and Segovia Day Tour With Amigo Tours

We woke up extra bright and early for our tour with Amigo Tours to Toledo and Segovia. We met our tour guide, Alfonso in front of Madrid’s main bull ring at 7:45am. The tour ended about 9 hours later where we were dropped off at the same place. The entire tour was absolutely amazing to participate in – both Toledo and Segovia are fantastic cities. I wish we had more time in them!


After getting on the bus, we were quickly on our way to Toledo – about an hours drive from Madrid. During the drive Alfonso gave us an idea of what we can expect during the day, as well as some interesting information on Toledo – unfortunately I fell asleep at this point. Before we got off in the town centre we stopped off to the side to take some fantastic pictures of the town from afar. We then drove into the city centre to begin our walking tour.

Toledo Town

View of Toledo

The walking tour introduced us to the three ‘cultures’ of Toledo – Jewish, Muslim and Christian. We were able to see the dynamic interaction of these cultures through architecture and food. It was honestly such an eye opening and interesting experience. We walked through narrow alleyways and went past very small shops. At the end of the tour we were give about 45 minutes free time to have a look around. We were recommended to go and check out the main Cathedral, but my friend and I found the small shops along the alleys a bit more interesting. When the time was up – we still had to wait another 15 minutes for an American family!


Segovia’s iconic site is that of the Ancient Roman Aqueduct that carried water from the mountains down to the town. It’s truly a breathtaking sight. Once we arrived in Segovia we were given about an hour of free time to grab some lunch. My friend and I decided to go to the restaurant right next to the Aqueduct, called Mesón de Cándido, as it was famous for it’s pork.


The Mesón de Cándido is known as the oldest restaurant in Segovia. The restaurant has an outside seating areas as well as 3 levels.  Waiters are incredibly fast, we ordered the pork and received it within 10 minutes. The entire place is bustling, with people come in and out and waiters running up  and down stairs. It’s definitely a fantastic experience. After our meal we began our walking tour, taking in the fantastic sights and sounds of Segovia.

Mesón de Cándido pork


My favourite part of Segovia was having the chance to check out Alcazar Castle. This Castle was one of the 3 that Walt Disney used to create his iconic logo. Inside there are amazing stain glass windows, armour and views of the town. My only annoyance was that because the American family made the tour group lose 30 minutes of time, we only had 30 minutes to look around the entire castle! I wish Alfonso had left them in Toledo 😦


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