A Game of Thrones Filled Day in Osuna

I’ve been a fan of Game of Thrones since it first came out in 2011. Since I am in Sevilla for 2 days, I couldn’t resist making the hour trip to Osuna – where they filmed the finale of season 5. Over 500 of the town’s residents actually participated in the finale scene as extras –  either nobles or slaves. The scene took over 2 weeks to film, and members worked from early morning to late night. The town has definitely embraced it’s Game of Thrones connection with a section of it’s museum dedicated to the show.

The Plaza De Toros

After we hopped off the train, we were a bit lost. Thankfully the station master gave us a map and showed us the general direction to the famous bull fighting ring. After about a 15 minute walk we arrived at about 10am – which was when the ring opened! We were the first (and only) visitors. The entrance fee is only 2 euros.

Plaza de Toros ring

The woman who worked there was absolutely lovely. She participated in the filming, and her face is even shown just before Khaleesi claps her hands! She gave us a first hand account of what filming was like, where the dragon was set up and more importantly where Khaleesi sat. We were also told some history about the bullring. We then stayed for about an hour, going up and down the seats taking photos. As well as having fun with the acoustics of the ring. We also had the chance to check out where the bulls are kept (but didn’t see any).

Lunch at Casa Curro

Casa Curro is only about a 7 minute walk from the Plaza de Toros. The restaurant opens at 12pm, but there’s a fantastic clothing store nearby. There’s some gorgeous handmade headbands and bracelets. As well as really lovely clothes – I bought a really lovely maxi Casa Curro fooddress for 20 euros.

The restaurant was where Emilia Clarke celebrated her birthday during filming in 2014. There are some absolutely lovely photographs of the cast members hanging out and with the owners and workers of the restaurant. The owners are absolutely wonderful people – they saw my friend and I fan-girling over the photographs and showed us an album they had of the cast’s signatures. The restaurant has also been visited by a lot of famous soccer players and actresses.

The restaurant was really popular for offering Game of

Casa Curro Sign Book

The book!

Thrones inspired Tapas. You could buy a ‘Joffrey’ or a ‘Baratheon’ meal. However that is no longer offered – which was a tad disappointing. But the food that we did order was really delicious!


Museo de Osuna

The Museum was my absolute favourite part of my trip to Osuna. It has 2 rooms dedicated to Game of Thrones – showcasing some more images of the cast in the town as well as residents dressed up  as extras. Entrance cost 2 euros, be careful that the Museum is closed on Mondays. It is open 10am -2pm, and then 5pm – 8pm Tuesday – Osuna Museum White WalkerSunday.

Once inside, there’s a statues featuring a White Walker, Unsullied and even Jon Snow’s outfit! There’s some artist renditions of the show on the walls – and even more spectacularly, an entire stairway with the cast’s signatures hanging. There were two of my favourite character – Brienne of Tarth  – surely they only need one, I was a bit tempted to grab it and run. Upstairs house banners hang from the ceiling, and replica weapons hanging no the walls. There’s also some statues that you can buy like Pop Vinyls and other more realistic ones. I ended up being a T-shirt that had the Plaza de Toros with a sword through it. The t-shirt was 10 euros, but they were running out of sizes, I got the last medium!

I highly recommend any Game of Thrones fan to check out Osuna. It’s only an hour train ride from Sevilla. It’s well worth it. besides the Game of Thrones sites, there’s a number of convents and churches that are sure to be interesting. Make sure to research the opening and closing times beforehand, as it seems the town opens at 10am, and has a break between 2 and 5pm.  You can download a town guide here.

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