A traditional village with a splash of green tea!: Seoul Adventure

I want to begin by apologising for the really slow updates – the worst thing happened to me that can happen to anyone on a trip. I was taking all my photos on my phone, and then I dropped my phone in the toilet, and now it has short circuited. I’m hoping when I get back to Australia I can find some place to retrieve the data, not too worried about the phone itself, but more about all the pictures I may loose!

So on Saturday, I organised for myself and my friends to Melbourne to check out the Bukchon Hanok Village with my buddy (who is a guide given to you by the University I’m currently at). My buddy was very excited since I haven’t had the time to meet up with her. So rather unfortunately that Saturday ended up being the coldest day in 5 years – so all us Aussies were freezing out butts off! Our buddy took us around the general area, we looked at some houses and some stores. Again, like the Ihwa Mural Village, you have to be respectful as there are actual residents living there!


Traditional door

The village is between two of the main palaces, Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung. This area housed many people from the elite class during the Joseon Dynasty.  The entire area has been completely preserved and when you walk around you get stunning views of the city!


One of the traditional houses

My Buddy showed us some artisan workshops, there was a fantastic perfume place where everything was handmade named ‘Granhand’. There were also quite a few art galleries. You can follow signs to get to the Buckhon Observatory, entry was about 3,000 won for adults. We didn’t end up going in, since it was so cold we figured we’d just take a quick look and run back down!

We finally decided that we were all too cold to go anywhere else. My buddy, knowing that image1I adore Green Tea, suggested going to a Green Tea cafe! It was only about a 10 minute walk . The cafe is part of a chain called ‘ O’Sulloc’. They provide their own blends of green tea lattes, green tea cakes and also green tea parfaits. I got their ‘King’ parfait, and absolutely loved it. That’ll definitely be one thing I crave when I get back to Australia! It had a sweet biscuit, 3 bits of green tea cake, green tea ice cream and some red bean!

Absolutely delicious!



That’s all for now! Unfortunately I’ll probably have to skip a week or so of adventures until I get my photos! But I’ll keep you all up to date on what I’m doing right now :P! Have a great week!


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