Nippori Fabric Town 

Nippori Fabric Town is not to be missed by any sewing fans (beginners or experts!). The small district is located a three minute walk from the Nippori station south exit. The street is lined with all kinds of stores from general fabric to specialised leather. There’s even an entire store dedicated to different kind of buttons. As I was running low on time I only had a chance to check out one store – the fabled ‘Tomato’.

Tomato is every sewers holy grail, 5 floors of floor to wall fabric. It is, in a word, gorgeous. The first floor has a collection of selected fabrics from the other four, as well as some gorgeous japanese fabric from 480 yen a metre. My favourite floors were four and five which had a collection of general prints, Japanese prints and fabric squares. Walking in my rule was I could only buy as much as I could carry. That quickly went out the window when I found the trolleys!

I recommend going in with a plan of what you’d like to make. As a beginner sewer I felt I was buying blindly. Another tip is if you’re a pro sewer you can pick up some patterns incredibly cheap – 480 yen each! Again, I’m not confident in my abilities so didn’t pick one up. Overall I came away with 5 fabrics, I plan to head back in a few days to get some more.

The first cat print (wiu the flowers) is by far my favorite. It was 900 yen a metre so I bought 1.5m to make some pillows. I think I will go back to buy another 2.5m to make a skirt. The colourful Japanese print I found in the cut offs bin, 2m for 600 yen! The sushi print was about 500 yen for 1 metre, again I got 1.5m, but will be going back to get some more. The final two were the cheapest 400 yen a metre, I got 3m of each to make either a day shirt of pyjama shirt.

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