Back To Ikebukuro!

After my sky high adventure, I headed back to Ikebukuro with family friends. The area was massive and I had barely scatched the surface on my first visit. I had also failed to find the sacred ‘otome road’ – even female otaku’s paradise! With my Sky tree shopping in hand, we set forth to fill up my luggage even more!

First stop: Jump World!

Jump world is 16 year old’s me dream world. It features all the series features in the magazine ‘Shounen Jump’. Shounen comics are usually aimed towards a young male audience, but that’s not to say anyone can’t enjoy them! Entering J-World costs about 500 yen. Our first stop was the cafeteria, where we ate some themed lunch. I was a bit boring and just ate a cheeseburger!

We then explored the indoor theme park. Besides the cafeteria there were separate areas for the series,  a gift shop and also a small exhibition area. It was actually the 10 year anniversary of a series I read in year 10 (about 7 years ago) called Hitman reborn. Wow it made me a combination of nostalgic and feeling old! After the J-World we ventured into the Disney store downstairs and I managed to buy some cute charms for my friends

Worst Rabbit Cafe Ever!

Our final stop in Ikebukuro was completely by chance. I was feeling very ill and my family friend suggested we rest in a nearby cafe and we happened upon ‘Rabbit Cafe Mimi’. As soon as I stepped in the door I felt uncomfortable, the entire place was filthy with floor to ceiling cages. We were ushered into a booth with some rabbits and I noticed some of the very small cages had 6 rabbits squeezed into them!

We then rotated to three different booths to meet some of the rabbits. They were very alert and anxious, one even bit me! The last part was when we were introduced to some otters! I couldn’t believe it! The otters were crying out and we were given cereal to feed them. Do otters even eat cereal!? It was a heart wrenching experience.

To finish…

After the awful rabbit dungeon we found a lovely Katsu restaurant in the Sunshine City mall to have dinner.

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