Exploring Takeshita Street (Harajuku)

About 7 years ago Harajuku was known for its unique fashion and even more unique customers. Mainly high schoolers or university students finding fun fashion as a way to explore. Those days are almost over with the students being replaced by gawking tourists, eager to get a glimpse of something to write home about. But the shops are still there (thankfully)! After my adventure with hedgehogs in Harry Hedgehog Cafe, I ventured over to Takeshita street and braved the crowds to go shopping.

Danganronpa V3 crepe event.jpg

My first stop was Harajuku ALTA where I explored about 5 floors of gorgeous fashion and stationary. My bladder wasn’t holding up so I went to the top floor for the bathrooms and stumbled across a collaboration event. The crepe place was having a Danganronpa V3 event!  I was very excited and immediately purchased some merchandise – a badge and a plastic figure. I also ordered a drink so I could sit down and was given a coaster. The cafe displayed scenes from the new and old games, and had signed copies of the new character designs. I can’t wait for the new game to come out.

Harajuku Fashion Sho.jpg

After my rest stop I ventured through a number of other stores along the road. They all seemed to become one pastel blur. But seeing everything together was so exciting. Harajuku has a number of independent designer stores and second hand shops, you’re guaranteed to purchase an item that is one of the kind. There are also a few anime shops that I popped into to do an Ichiban Kuji (almost like a lottery) and pick up some other merchandise.

Listen Flavour Harajuku.jpg

My final stop on this trip was a store called ‘Listen Flavor’, who I follow on Instagram. I only discovered them through  friend who loves the store so much. She regularly orders clothes from them, so I knew I had to make a pilgrimage there for her! The staff inside the store were so open and friendly, one staff member was really excited that my friend loved the store. I ended up buying a Danganronpa shirt (as the store does collaborations with the series) for myself, and got my friend a present too. At the moment Listen Flavor is doing a collaboration for Powerpuff Girls too! I highly recommend checking out their fantastic shop over here 🙂


This is the shirt I got, but I got it in dark purple 🙂

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