Harry Hedgehog Cafe – Harajuku

The Harry Hedgehog Cafe is located about a 3-5 minute walk away from Harajuku station. The cafe is named ‘Harry’ as the Japanese word for Hedgehog is harinezumi, with nezumi meaning rat/mouse- a pretty smart pun. This cafe specialises in hedgehogs but the branch in Roppongi hills also has rabbits! I noticed 3 prices for the cafe, 30 mins, 30 mins + drink and (I think?) 1 hour. I’m not sure how much the 1 hour option costs, but 30 minutes is 1400 yen and 30 minutes + Drink is about 1600 You can also buy some food for the hedgehogs and feed them for 400 yen. I ended up opting for just the 30 minutes, as I could drink my bottle of water inside.

harry hedgehog cafe.jpg

As I was going solo I was taken to where the bar stools and tables were (not on the nice couches you can see pictures above). The bar tables have an inbuilt glass enclosure you can reach down into, each enclosure has 2 hedgehogs. I seemed to have gotten stuck with the most unfriendly duo. One hedgehog just wanted to sleep and the other one just kept running up my arm to then try to jump off back into the enclosure. As these hedgehogs are just babies, their spikes aren’t very sharp. But if you are concerned the staff do provide you with some heavy duty gloves to cuddle the hedgehogs with.


Harry Hedgehog Cafe HarajukuThe staff do run a very tight ship and remind you about your time, I was reminded at 10 and 5 minutes till my time was over. I ended up leaving about 3 minutes early as I could feel the staff’s watchful eyes on me! You can buy some souvenirs behind the counter too, there’s some hedgehog plushies, stationary and boxed toys. While I  really loved hanging out with my hedgehogs I did feel a bit uncomfortable around them. Both of them were shaking when I picked them up and one kept flinching every time I rubbed it slowly.

If anyone else has visited this place I would love to hear about your experiences with these hedgehogs!




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