ZUC.CCH.ERO – Eating Planet Earth!

When I found out that I was accepted in my Hong Kong program, the first thing I did was search dessert places! Time and time again, the one that popped up on Instagram was ‘ZUC.CCH.ERO’! I was intrigued by the crazy and intricate designs and knew I just had to visit it. I was so lucky that my Aunties took me there yesterday! ZUC.CCH.ERO is located about a 5 minute walk from Causeway Bay station, at 3 Yiu Wa Street. Yiu Wa Street is a very trendy street with some very interesting clothing design shops, and other eateries. I recommend checking out one place for a light lunch and then topping it off at ZUC.CCH.ERO.


Entering into ZUC.CCH.ERO is an experience in itself, like entering into Einstein’s lab. There is a number of Pop Art works, and the cloud lights are just gorgeous. My Aunty rang ahead to book a table, but we still waiting for a bit on the high stools until we could sit down. You can definitely eat and order on the high stools, but the tables are definitely a lot more comfortable! Besides the crazy desserts, there is also a number of interesting teas such as Sakura tea and smoked Early grey. The real star of ZUC.CCH.ERO is the Mt Fuji set (you can see below), it is a mixture of ice cream, mousse and crumble. They only make 10 of these a day, so if you want one, make sure to book ahead! One of the workers said that they are gone by 6pm!

I wasn’t confident to take on the Mt Fuji monster, so instead I chose Planet Earth. Planet Earth really appealed to me as it seemed to be one of their lighter desserts. The outside of the ‘earth’ is white chocolate and the inside is Jasmine tea mousse, in the centre there is blood orange shaved ice. The ‘dirt’ that the earth is on is a mixture of chocolate cookie crumble and popping candy. The most exciting part of the dessert was the cotton candy cloud, you can choose between a melon spray and a caramel spray to ‘melt’ the cloud over the earth.


I really recommend ZUC.CCH.ERO to anyone who is visiting Hong Kong. Much like Yum Cha Central the staff are incredible friendly and the food is a real experience. Next time I am in Hong Kong I will definitely be heading back to conquer Mt Fuji! I would also like to thank my Aunties again for taking me there, I had such a lovely time and it was definitely the highlight of my Hong Kong trip!

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