Yum Cha (Central): Cutest Dim Sum Ever!

Yum Cha Central was the first stop on my Hong Kong Study Tour with my university. It is listed on Lonely Planet as one of the must try dim sum locations. It has gained popularity for its adorably shaped dim sum ranging with frogs to pigs! I was so incredibly excited to try this place out, and definitely wasn’t disappointed. From the fantastic service, great atmosphere, to, most importantly the food, it was an amazing experience. Thankfully my university took care of the bill, so unfortunately I can’t quite comment on how much everything cost. However in this post i will be focusing on the most interesting dishes.

The most popular dishes are definitely the interesting shaped dim sum. The flavours go as follows:

  • Green –> Hot Matcha Syrup
  • Piggy Buns –> Roast Pork Inside
  • Yellow —> Hot Custard
  • Roses –> No taste just like warm bread
  • Birds —> Kind of like a biscuit with pineapple paste

The fairy floss picture on the top left hand side is a picture of the dessert. The dessert had the fairy floss and under it was oreo crumbs +  a matcha mouse. It also came in mango and red bean flavour. Overall everything was so so delicious. My favourite was definitely the green dim sum with the matcha syrup. It was just so warm and delicious. I 100% recommend checking this place out if you are in Hong Kong. Definitely worth the visit with a really interesting dining experience.



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