Black Waffle – Melbourne

Black Waffle is a gelato cafe located in Northcote, Melbourne. The cafe is about a 10 minute walk from Northcote station, going through a really nice shopping area. The store is also one of the few places in Melbourne that I’ve found opens really earl and really late! It always opens at 9am, and can close either at 10pm (Monday-Thursday) or 11:30pm (Friday-Sunday). Perfect for when you’re craving a midnight snack. I visited with a friend last week, and have to say was really impressed by the customer service and the general layout of the store. The workers were really friendly, and the store was open and comfortable to sit in.  You can order coffee, brunch foods, waffles and gelato!

Black Waffle Ice Cream Melbourne.jpg

The Food

Onto the food (the most important part!) My friend and I visited for their main attraction  – the waffles. I ordered the apple pie waffles, and my friend ordered the nuts and banana waffle. I absolutely loved my waffle, for about $15 it was a really decent serving. There was a perfect balance between the apple, waffle and vanilla ice cream. I also loved the way that the plate was decorated. I never did work out what the small black dish with the orange flower was – maybe cream? I didn’t use much of it. I did get a chance to try my friend’s chocolate ice cream and it was so lovely and rich. She did comment that there were a few too many nuts, and it overtook the flavour of the banana.

Black Waffle HAzelnut and banana melbourne.jpg

Nuts and banana waffle

Overall I really enjoyed visiting this cafe. It’s actually really far away from me (about an hour by train). If it was closer I definitely would be going every weekend to get my waffle fix! In the mean time I’ll probably go again if I’m in the area 🙂


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