Calia – Perfect Green Tea Latte in the Heart of Melbourne

Calia is an incredible cafe that is in Melbourne Emporium. It describes itself as a unique dining and retail experience, and I can see why. Besides the fantastic food, on the side there are many high quality items such as sparrow nest and special honey that can be purchased. To get to Calia the easiest option is to go to Melbourne central, travel through to the Emporium. Head to the Emporium foodcourt (at the top floor) and then walk towards Myers. on your way towards Myers take the first left, Calia will be near the escalators.

My Experience

I’ve been to Calia twice and had a fantastic experience both times. The waiters and waitresses are so friendly and the service is incredible. The first time I visited, I had my green tea latter and the hazelnut cake. I loved the latte, however was not too fussed about the cake, the taste was a bit overwhelming. The second time I went I just got the green tea latte again. Both times I went with friends, and while you can ‘request’ what design you want on your tea, I think it’s a bit more fun not knowing what you might get.

The cafe is very spacious and it feels like being in a modern eco dining room. My only slight concern was the first time I visited, we had to wait 40 minutes as we did not have a booking. The second time I phoned ahead to book, and they said they did not take bookings. So I was slightly confused. Don’t be put off by the wait time though, they have a fantastic text message service, so you can go shopping while you wait for your table.

I highly recommend checking out Calia – whether you are a Melbourne local or visitor!

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