What a ‘Darling Cafe’! – South Yarra

Darling Cafe is a trendy cafe that recently opened in South Yarra. It’s about a 5 minute walk from South Yarra train station, located at 2 Darling street. The cafe is open every day of the week from 7am-4pm and serves an array of brunch foods and interesting drinks. While my mum was visiting me in Melbourne, I figured the two of us might pop over there for a quick lunch, before setting out to the city to explore. We arrived at peak time, and while the cafe was bustling it was not uncomfortable. My only concern was that right where our table was, there was a standing area, so people’s butts were rubbing against the back of my mum’s chair.

The Food

Having the sweet tooth that I do I ended up ordering the sticky date pancakes with butterscotch ice cream, seasonal fruits, palm sugar caramel and malted crumble. My mum ordered ‘the darling’ which included eggs, bacon, mushrooms and tomato. We both ordered drinks, I ordered a pina colada, and my mum ordered a green juice. My mum quite enjoyed her food, and I gotta say mine was alright. The pancakes were delicious but just a little bit heavy. I was mainly disappointed by the pina colada, which kind of just tasted like cold milk – no coconut and no pineapple.

Overall it was a really lovely cafe, the food was pretty good (a little pricey as all cafes are). As of current, it doesn’t get crazy crowded, and the staff are incredibly sweet and friendly. I probably won’t be heading back there again, while it was great, a one time visit was enough for me 🙂

Darling Cafe South Yarra.jpg

Pina Colada South Yarra Darling Cafe


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