The Kettle Black

‘The Kettle Black’ is a chic cafe located in South Melbourne. The facade of the cafe is a heritage house, but the inside is as modern as it gets. The cafe prides itself on its colourful food, and has excellent reason to. I visited the cafe for Sunday lunch, alone. I’ve always been a little apprehensive eating alone in cafes and restaurants, but the staff were so incredibly friendly, that I felt right at home. Fair warning though – when you visit the cafe you will see heaps of food photographers and bloggers. On the giant shared table I was at, there were 2 couples with massive cameras taking pro pictures of the food. I hope mine stacks up :)! The cafe is located at 50 Albert Road, a 5 minute walk from a key tram station.


I ended up ordering a muesli and a jasmine tea. To be honest, I actually don’t like muesli, but I actually really enjoyed the one they had. There was so much fruit, and it really created a perfect balance with the soft flavour of the muesli. I was a little surprised that the cafe didn’t have straight green tea,, they only had Jasmine or ‘White Peony’. Overall my meal cost $14 and the tea was $3.

I really enjoyed visiting this cafe, I would definitely like to go back and maybe order a burger! I’m giving this place a 4/5


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