Naughty Boy Cafe

The Naughty Boy Cafe located at Carlton North has shot up in Melbourne for their ‘insta shakes’ and snazzy food presentation. The cafe is directly across from the tram stop, and wasn’t that busy for a Tuesday lunch visit. There’s quite a lot of indoor and outdoor seating, with great decor and toilets for patrons. The cafe also offers a number of catering and private function options. You can check out their full menu here.


My Experience at the Naughty Boy Cafe

We were quickly seated and given menus to order. My friend ordered a bagel and a pear cider, and I ordered the Pavlova Instashake ($12) and also some Vegemite sourdough bread. Yes, I know, I pretty much ordered Australia on a plate. My friend’s bagel came first, and while it was presented quite well, after tasting it, it was only…okay. It was just a regular bagel with good presentation. The pear cider came from a bottle. My Pavlova Instashake was nothing short of beautiful. There was fairy floss at the top, followed by a meringue with cream and fruit. The surrounds of the glass had passion fruit gel and the drink itself tasted like berries. I quite enjoyed my drink, but one thing that did irk me was the amount of passionfruit seeds in the drink. I ended up having to spit them out, as each sip at least 5 seeds would congest the straw. The Vegemite sourdough, was okay.



Final Thoughts

The ‘Naughty Boy Cafe’ was an alright visit, the food looked pretty and tasted alright. If you’re a Melbourne local I would say “go for it”, but if you’re visiting Melbourne, maybe give this one a miss. It’s a bit of trek getting there from the city and if you’re on limited time, it’s not quite worth it. I found some of the staff at the cafe were incredibly friendly while others were quite curt. Overall I’d give the restaurant a 3.5/5

Naughty Boy Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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