Super Cow’s Dessert Farm – Sydney

Super Cow’s Dessert Farm is located at 410 Pitt Street, a 5 minute walk from Central Station. I describe Super Cow’s as Sydney’s best kept ice cream secret. I always thought that N2 was Sydney’s best ice cream, but Super Cow’s gives it a run for its money. I headed to Super Cow’s with a friend, on a scorching Sydney day, and the ice cream gave me that perfect cool boost i needed to get through the rest of the day!

Once you arrive, there’s heaps of items you can pick of the menu. There are these ‘garden pot’ ice cream desserts, scroll ice cream desserts, crepes and you can even order an ice cream hot pot. Unfortunately I didn’t know about the ice cream hot pot until I started writing this post, because if I did, trust me, I would have got it. So instead I tried to ‘scroll ice cream’. The scroll ice cream is exactly how I’ve named it (I’m sure it has a legit name). The ice cream is curled into scrolls. You choose the ice cream you like, and 2 toppings. I chose Green tea, jelly and strawberry. These are mashed up together and then ‘scrolled’ together. You get 4 scrolls, and there’s some sort of liquid nitrogen underneath your cup to keep it cold!

Super Cow Dessert Farm Sydney scroll.jpg


I absolutely loved my ice cream. One thing I do recommend is that rather than making your own (like I did), go for the pre-selected options. My friend tried their Mango one and loved it. While I did enjoy mine, I probably would have enjoyed one where the ingredients worked better together (rather than my weird selecting skills). Overall I highly recommend checking this place out, it’s a really interesting eat. It is a tad pricey, my ice cream scrolls cost about $8 , but I’d say it was 100% worth it! You can check out their Facebook page here.


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