KOI Dessert Bar

For Masterchef Australia fans, you might remember Reynold ,the dessert master from one of the more recent series. He wowed audiences with his stunning, art like creations. The ‘KOI Dessert Bar’ is Reynold’s brainchild, situated right in the heart of Sydney. The bar is about a 15 minute walk from Central station (head towards the exit closest to UTS). It’s in this lovely laneway at Kensington Street, which is filled with heaps of other interesting food places, that I’ll surely check out next time.

Koi Dessert bar outside.jpg

Once you arrive at the Dessert bar, be mindful where the line is, and if there even is a line! We went on Friday night and saw a massive line, and immediately assumed it was part of the bar. Turns out it was for the hotel next door and we wasted 15 minutes! We quickly got out and sat down at the bar ourselves – how embarrassing! Once inside, you can order from an incredible menu of sweets and drinks. The online menu I’ve linked shows ‘set meals’ you can order, but you can also just show up and choose one or two sweets. My friend and I chose the black forrest dessert and the popcorn dessert.


Let’s start with the Black Forrest, I had a little taste of my friend’s, and by little, I mean the tiniest drop of cream on my fork. As soon as I put it in my mouth it was bursting with flavour. It was incredible!  I’m a little sad that my camera couldn’t full capture how intricately the dessert was designed, but trust me, it was a piece of art!

The popcorn sweet I had looked like the egg the golden goose lay! The ‘egg’ was creamy and had a little bit of gelatine in the middle. On the bottom was a chocolate brownie. What was really fantastic about this dessert was that while it had heaps of components nothing was too overpowering, every part was perfectly balanced. All together both desserts cost about $21, I believe the Black Forrest was about 12, while the popcorn was $9.

I’ll definitely be heading back there next time I’m in the area. There’s heaps of other desserts I absolutely must try! You can check out the bar’s instagram account over here.



5 thoughts on “KOI Dessert Bar

  1. This is awesome!!! Im yet to try Koi dessert bar!!! It’s on my “brunch bucket list” in Sydney (have a look at my blog too if you like) No surprise my bank statement is a food diary haha. Loving your Melbourne eats too, i can’t wait to check them out on my next trip down! Great work 👍🏼

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