Catmosphere Sydney – Cats everywhere!

From my blog’s title, and numerous pictures of cats, you can guess, I love all felines. When I was in Seoul I made sure I visited the cat cafe there, and I’ve also visited one in Penang. So when there’s one in my own backyard I better go there! I’ve visited (and written) about the Catmosphere Cat Cafe in Surry Hills before. But my good friend had never visited before, and I wanted to celebrate her receiving first class honours. So I decided we’d head off on a ‘catastic’ adventure!

The Cat Cafe is about a 15 minute walk from Central Station, Elizabeth Street exit. You essentially just walk straight upwards from the station.We arrived at the cafe abut 20 minutes early, unfortunately the cats were taking their afternoon nap and the staff had gone (?) So we ended up standing outside for those 20 minutes (in about 35 degree heat). Once we were inside we placed our orders and were lead up to the cat room! The cafe has two rooms – cat and kitten, for the kitten room sessions are 30 minutes but the cat room you can stay for an hour.

Inside the cat room was unbelievably hot, the windows weren’t open and the air con wasn’t turned on. The cafe has 15 cats, 4 of which are regulars, the other 11 are available for adoption. All 15 cats were lying around, and were very lethargic (in typical cat manner).   Unfortunately due to the heat many of the cats weren’t up for playing, and when people rubbed them they would walk away. Most of the session was spent with just staring at them and chatting.




Overall, as someone who owns two cats and having visited the cafe a second time I may not visit a third. Mainly because of the cost, and the cats do take a while to warm up to you. The first time I was there the manager came in and played with the cats to help them wake up and warm up to us, but the workers who came in just came to turn on the music and give us our drinks. For people who don’t own cats, I do reckon you would enjoy this cafe. You can freely rub the cats, but make sure you book to go on a day that’s a little cooler, and try and have a morning session 🙂

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