The Owls Cafe Chatswood (The Owls World)

The Owls Cafe (Chatswood) is a new addition to the Owls Cafe in Northbridge. The Chatswood shop is located at 475 Victoria Avenue. Once you’re at Chatswood station head to the Mamak side (not the Westfield side). Keep walking straight till you get to 475 which is a big business building, there is a small area to the right with some restaurants. Go there and you’ll see the Owls Cafe! I’ve always loved Owls, and a dream of mine is to go to the owl cafe is Japan, where you can pet real owls! But this cafe is the next best thing.

The Owls Cafe Chatswood.jpg

The staff at the cafe are incredibly friendly and kind. When my friend and I went in it was reasonably quiet and we could quickly order and have a nice seat inside. The cafe is decorated completely with Owls, there’s lots of statues and cushions. My friend ordered a hot chocolate, but I was quite hungry and ordered the bulgogi beef salad and a lime & mint shake. The salad itself was incredibly cheap only $8.50, the shake was about $7 – both were absolutely delicious. While I didn’t get a chance to try my friend’s hot chocolate, I loved the art they had on it. It was a really sweet little touch.



Overall I really enjoyed this cafe and would love to go back next time I’m in Chatswood. The staff were incredibly friendly and the food was fantastic. Especially that bulgogi beef – I could eat 5 or 6 bowls of it! You can check out The Owls Cafe Facebook page here, and their Instagram here!


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