Chanoma Cafe – Sydney CBD

chanoma-cafeThe Chonoma Cafe is located perfectly in Sydney’s CBD. It’s a 5 minute walk from Town Hall station, head out the KFC exit and walk towards Uncle Testu’s. You’ll see an area between to turn right into, once you turn right, you’ll see a large variety of food stores. Chanoma is directly across from Aqua S. Inside, they only accept cash, you order and pay and then wait to collect your meal.

The staff are incredibly friendly and professional. I had to wait a little since they had so many orders, and they kept apologising – even though it was only a 5 minute wait! The inside of the cafe gets very hot very quickly, so I suggest taking a seat outside to enjoy your green delicacy 🙂

Chanoma Cafe Dessert

So I ordered the ‘Matcha Shiratama Float’, it was about $5-6. It came with a stick with 3 chewy pieces, some soft serve green tea ice cream and also some iced green tea. The serving size was quite big, but I managed to devour it in just a couple of minutes. It was so delicious! My friend ordered one of the frappes, and he said it was a little bit too sweet. But I have a big sweet tooth, so the sweeter the better for me!

I highly recommend checking this place out, especially if you are a fan of Green Tea desserts. There’s so much variety on what you can order, and a special summer menu! I’ll definitely be checking this store out anytime I’m in the city. You can check out our drinks below~


The Green Tea Frappe 


The Matcha Shiratama Float


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