Platform Eighty Two Cafe – Concord West

platform-eighty-two-concord-westPlatform Eighty Two is a new cafe that has opened up in Concord West. It’s about a 5 minute walk from Concord West station, is perfectly situated in the quiet suburb. The cafe has become ‘famous’ for it’s tiered breakfast options, costing a smooth $32 per person. The cafe is only open until 3pm, so make sure you arrive early to avoid the lunch rush. Rather unfortunately my friend and I arrived at about 1pm, and ended up enduring an hour wait to get inside the cafe!

My Experience at ‘Platform Eighty Two’

So while I did say that the ‘tiered breakfast’ was the highlight of the cafe, I wanted to try something a bit different. Also I didn’t have $32. My friend and I ordered two cokes ($4 each) and a burger each ($20 each). I had the beef burger and she had the chicken, both came with a side of chips. The burgers were alright, but there wasn’t anything special about them. Especially after I had waited an hour to be seated, I was expecting something amazing. What irked me the most about my burger was that instead of a patty, I had 3 meat balls in my burger, but it also came with some really delicious pieces of bacon.

Platform eighty two concord west beef burger.jpg

Platform eighty two concord west burger.jpg

Platform eighty two concord west drinks.jpg

Although the coke being served in mason glasses really made me feel fancy. The chips had this interesting seasoning on it. But I have to say, I preferred the chips at the Sourdough & Co restaurant a lot more. Overall this restaurant was alright, I probably went into it with my expectations really high, and the hour wait certainly did not help!  You can check out their Facebook page here.

I will mention one incident where a staff member was pushing my friend’s chair in, so that he could get past her and talk to his friend sitting next to us. He just stood right behind her for about 10 minutes, and talked over her head. I thought it was really unprofessional, and my friend was quite uncomfortable.



5 thoughts on “Platform Eighty Two Cafe – Concord West

  1. I do that when I go into new places to eat expect too much lol but Wow an hour JeZz I wouldn’t wait that long only if it was amazing. There is this dessert place near my work I really want to go to near my birthday as they look insanely good but they’re have been on and off reviews about them but I’ll be going anyway !!

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    • I know right, we were so hungry too, so the wait was painful. Ooh that’s exciting though, early HAPPY BIRTHDAY 😀 ! If the food isn’t that good, it’s more reason to go out a few more times and celebrate even more 😛


  2. I’ve tried their breakfast and lunch platters!! It’s SO much food, we actually had 5 people, but only paid for 3.. because there’s way too much altogether – I didn’t want it goes to waste and it also helps share the cost! ~$30 is a bit pricey 🤔

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