Sourdough Bakery & Co – Hornsby

The ‘Sourdough Bakery & Co’ is located at the front of Hornsby Westfield Shopping Centre. Westfield, to be honest, doesn’t have many food options, besides the ones you can find at a stereotypical food court. Sick of those foods, I wanted to give something new a try. The ‘Sourdough Bakery & Co’ looks like one of those trendy hipster restaurants, the tables are steel, and there’s both inside and wonderful outside seating. Having looked at both their Zomato and Facebook reviews, I can see I wasn’t alone in my experience at this place.

Customer Service at Sourdough Bakery & Co


I’ve said this in a previous post, but I don’t have high expectations when it comes to customer service. I used to work in retail so I understand how draining it can be dealing with customers, and I know the food industry can be worse than retail. But I do expect some basic form of courtesy and competence. The wait staff at Sourdough were incredibly rude, and almost actively tried to ignore customers. We had to continuously ask our waitress for bare essentials for the table that she kept forgetting to bring – like forks and salt. She also asked if we wanted all our food brought our together, we said yes, cue a 20 minute wait between each dish, and her forgetting the fries that we ordered. Quite a disappointing experience.

The Food

Sourdough Backery pizza and chips.jpg

Bad service is…okay, provided that the food is good. We ordered a pepperoni pizza, and pork buns with a side of fries. I didn’t really enjoy my pizza, but my friend loved her pork brioche. The fries are definitely the stand out for this establishment, they’re perfectly fried with some really great chicken (?) salt. I would say that the food at this place is on the pricier side, and I’m not completely sold that it was worth it.

Unfortunately this eat was disappointing. The appearance promised quite an interesting food experience, but unfortunately the poor customer service and the pretty ‘normal’ food quality, did not make me feel like eating at this place was worth it.


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