HATTRICK – Beans, Bites & Booze

The ‘HATTRICK’ cafe/ bar is the newest addition to the lovelifeproductions  food stores at Macquarie Centre. The other cafes include ‘The Vogue Cafe’ and ‘The Missing Piece’, both of which have become quite famous in Sydney for their incredibly milkshakes.  HATTRICK only opened at the beginning of October this year, so I was incredibly excited to try out their new foods – expectations were high.


Hattrick Cafe Macquarie Centre loveliveproductions.jpgFirst thing first, this cafe is very difficult to find. My friend and I walked around
Macquarie centre for about 20 minutes until we worked out which way to go. To arrive at HATTRICK go to bottom level in front of Big W. Standing in front of Big W, turn left into the carpark. As soon as you enter the carpark turn right up a ramp. Continue up the ramp until you exit the building, the cafe will be on your left. It’s a very tucked away cafe, which is unfortunate – especially since most of the other cafes like Vogue are also in hiddie holes around the centre. The inside of the cafe is actually really nice, especially during the day – there’s lots of light.

Food – Drinks & Tid Bits

My friend and I ordered some small snacks to share- popcorn chicken and sweet potato fries. We also ordered a drink each, I ordered the ‘Fresh AP lemon & lime’ ($9),  I gotta admit I was a little disappointed by mine. It tasted exactly the same as the ‘peachy mango’ drink at ‘The Vogue Cafe’, but for $1 more! The food itself was alright, I really enjoyed the sweet potato fries. The popcorn chicken  ($6) was good as well, but knowing that I could get roughly the same thing at KFC for a fraction of the cost, I wouldn’t get it again.

Hattrick Cafe Macquarie Centre.jpg

Hattrick Cafe Macquarie Centre Popcorn Chiken.jpg

Hattrick Cafe Macquarie Centre sweet potato fries.jpg

I couldn’t help compare this new location to ‘Vogue’ and ‘Missing Piece’. I felt that it didn’t really bring anything new to the table, the food and drinks were very similar to the other two cafes. What seems to be truly unique about this cafe is the ‘alcoholic’ milkshakes/ drinks. The cafe advertises that it’s perfect for afterwork drinks, but closes at 5:30pm. But I will be trying to get there sometime this week to try them, and will write a ‘night time’ experience at ‘HATTRICK’


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