XS Presso Cafe Parramatta – The Ultimate Milkshakes!

XS Presso Cafe (pronounced excess), is a new cafe that’s popped up in Wetherill Park and also North Parramatta. The cafe has garnered quite the instagram following from its take on the ‘milkshake craze’ which was swept Australia. Being a dessert lover, and milkshake junkie, I just knew I had to check this place out! I headed down to the cafe in Parramatta, located atΒ 9A, 2 Windsor Road, North Parramatta, a few days before Halloween!

XS Presso Cafe North Parramatta.jpg

What really struck me about the cafe was the vibe. It had a sleek black design with gold chairs and decor. At first the cafe seemed more like a bar than an actual cafe, the music was pumping and everything looked very glam. I have to admit that the service wasn’t the best. We sat down and just awkwardly sat there as waiters and waitresses passed us by. After about 10 minutes one finally asked if we’d like a menu. After that initial awkwardness, everyone was quite friendly. We were sitting outside, but I did duck into to see what how they made their milkshakes. I discovered they had a milkshake production area, filled with lots of goodies! I was really excited to get mine.

XS Presso Cafe Burger.jpg

XS Presso Cafe milkshake.jpg

I ended up ordering one of the milkshakes, and the pork sandwich. One of my friends ordered a chicken salad, and the other an acai bowl. All together our total was about $62, which was a little bit pricey. But the food was absolutely fantastic. I really don’t expect much from cafe food, but my gosh the pork in the sandwich was crunch and absolutely lovely. My friends also loved their dishes and ate up every last bit. I probably shouldn’t have ordered BOTH a milkshake and a dish. In the end I couldn’t finish my milkshake, but I did eat what counted a.k.a the fairy floss and chocolate egg. I really did appreciate the extra Halloween touch, with the pumpkin cups.


I highly recommend checking this cafe out. The milkshakes are fantastic (and definitely instagram-worthy). You can check out their instagram page over here, and their website here.




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