Sydney Night Noodle Markets

The Sydney Night Noodle Market has been set up as part of Australia’s ‘Good Food Month’. The month aims to promote, well, good food as well as having fun and being social around food. The night markets themselves run from the 6 – 23  October, and I managed to check them out yesterday, just before they close tonight! The markets were located at Sydney’s Hyde Park, about a 10 minute walk from Town Hall Station.

Night Noodle Market stalls.jpg

The Night Markets specialised in Asian cuisine, with stalls with Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese foods. I  was honestly in food heaven walking around. There were also some drink and dessert stalls – the stand out one being the N2 and Black Star Pastry collaboration stall. I wrote about Black Star Pastry previously, and how amazing their watermelon & strawberry cake was. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try it in a gelato form!

Night noodle market N2 dumplings gelato.jpg

I also managed to grab some dumplings from Din Tai Fung, which were absolutely amazing. Overall I was really impressed by the markets, it really reflected asian culture and also created a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for people to connect to it. With events like these, there are never enough seats or tables, so if you do head out tonight, maybe bring some fold up chair. But if you’re in Sydney and looking for some good food – this is the place to be!


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