Ice Cream Madness in Wonderland

It’s uncharacteristically boiling in Munich, Germany, so like the typical Australians we decide to find an ice cream store. A quick good search and we discover ‘Der verrückte Eismacher – im Wunderland’ which (according to google translate) means ‘The Crazy Ice Maker in Wonderland’. The small shop is only a 10 minute walk from the University station, and a 15 minute walk from the English gardens. So we figured why not? But nothing could quite prepare us for the chaos we were about to encounter!

Der verrückte Eismacher - im Wunderland line

Once you enter there’s a really intense line. People are served all at once, and you don’t really have a chance to look at the flavours. Unfortunately for tourists, there aren’t any English translations and the staff member we spoke to couldn’t really speak English either. We ended up going with the ‘safe’ options – Strawberry and Mango. The price was quite reasonable and you received a large serve. The inside of the place is decorated with ‘Alice in Wonderland’ murals, the chairs have playing card designs on them and the tables are mushrooms. It was a really interesting place to relax!

Der verrückte Eismacher - im Wunderland ice creamThe place must be incredibly popular, we even saw a few cars quickly pull up grab some ice cream and then go. It’s also very close to the University so students probably frequent it. In terms of the taste, I gotta admit that it wasn’t anything special. The strawberry was incredibly sweet- and I LOVE sweet things – but this was just a bit too much. The mango, was alright but not out of this world. I recommend checking the shop out if you’re headed towards the gardens, since we were so rushed we just chose some easy flavours. If you take your time you can look through and maybe choose something a bit more interesting.


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