Cafe Creperie – Crepe Heaven!

The best part of travelling is by far the food, and dessert is the king. So after a long day of Cafe Creperie Pragueexploring Prague, we just knew we had to get something sweet to rewards ourselves. As we crossed Charles Bridge, I pulled out google and did a quick search. Now Charles Bridge is absolutely full of tourists going gung-ho to get through into Lesser Town. But I implore readers, instead of following the crowd, make an immediate right, before the arch and down into an empty lane way. There you will find Cafe Creperie.  Cafe Creperie is part of the Pod Věží hotel.
The cafe is at the end of the street, and is recognisable with its light green walls. There’s a wonderful sitting area outside which many smokers use, or you can enjoy the ambience inside. The crepes are definitely the star of this restaurant, they are (at most) only 110 Czech Korunas, which is about 4 euros! You can also get drinks like tea and juice, as well as meals. The staff are absolutely delightful here, they are always smiling and ready to answer any questions that you may have.

As I mentioned before, the crepes are the star of this restaurant. You can get sweet or savoury crepes. The savoury can have anything from cheese to chorizos inside it. I ended up opting for a sweet one, the one pictured below was Nutella, Strawberries and Cream. You can check out the menu, and location of this fantastic eatery here.



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