Lisbon Street Art

Lisbon is becoming known for it’s innovative and interesting street art. Today I did a free street art tour with this company – at the beginning of the tour it is mentioned a 10 euro tip is the norm. I won’t talk too much about the actual tour – as I want this post mainly to be about the art. But the tour went on for about 2.5 hours, but make time for 3. Our guide took us through many of the unique neighbourhoods of Lisbon, giving us the history of each art piece we passed as well as explaining different parts of street art culture. For example I learn that if someone has a crown next to their name, it means they are the ‘king’ or ‘queen’ of street art, having had a large piece commissioned. We also looked at some ‘walls of fame’ – where artists come together to create a giant mural, and learnt about tagging, ‘painting’ and sticker bombing.

Below are some of my favourite art from the day, unfortunately I wasn’t able to get most of the artist’s names – so if you know them please let me know in the comments and I will add their names to this post.

Lisbon Street Art Nurse Girl

Part of a wall of fame

Bear tag lisbon street art.JPG

A small tag that I thought was cute

blue bird graffiti lisbon street art

A blue bird stencil on top of  larger mural

Fado Mural Lisbon Street Art

The final piece of street art is probably one of the most iconic, as my tour guide said, because it’s in a lot of travel guides. It is a mural dedicated to Fado music. The woman in the centre is one of the Fado’s most popular singers.


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