The Perfect Hostel Stay at the Black Swan Hostel in Sevilla (Seville)

Black Swan Hostel Sevilla outsideThe Black Swan Hostel, Sevilla, is located on Calle Bilbao. It is closest to Plaza Nueva which has a number of fantastic restaurants and small streets which make for great souvenirs. The hostel is also incredibly close to most main attractions, it is only a 10 minute walk to the Alcazar Palace. The hostel offers mixed rooms in either 6 or 8 person dorm, starting from 17 euros and 19 euros per night respectively. Or an all female 8 person dorm for 17 euros per night. The hostel also offers twin rooms for 70 euros per night, and a superior double room (a pent house) for 84 euros per night. The dorms have a shared bathroom, while the twin rooms and superior double have an ensuite.  I have written previously about a negative experience at a hostel – this hostel was exactly how a hostel should be. The rooms were clean – with windows! – and the hostel had a great party atmosphere without it being obnoxious and trashy.


The rooms were incredible,it was a great use of space and decorations. The room had 2 Black Swan Hostel Sevilla Share roombeds, as well as a fitted wardrobe and safe. The ensuite bathroom was quite large with a window, a shower and sink. The hostel also provided some body soap. There was also space for a private balcony that looked over some of the city. The room also had air conditioning and fantastic wifi.

What made the stay at the Black Swan Hostel the most memorable was the fantastic staff. My friend and I arrived to be greeted by two incredibly friendly receptionists. The first chatted to us about our trip and also explained check out, and let us know he could help us with anything if we needed to. The second gave us a tour of the hostel, explaining the communal aspects – such as a shared fridge. Both encouraged us to participate in the Hosel’s social scene – which included volunteers cooking dinner for our hostel residents, and nights out to Flamenco shows. While we didn’t get a chance to go, as out time was incredibly limited, chatting to some other residents we heard it was a fantastic time out.

Black Swan Hostel Sevilla balcony

Overall I had a really fantastic time staying in this hostel. The staff were incredibly professional and courteous, I highly recommend this hostel to anyone considering travelling to Sevilla.


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