Living in Harry Potter’s Cupboard at the Living Cat’s Hostel Madrid

The Living Cat’s Hostel is in central Madrid,  the hostel sets itself apart by it’s gorgeous 17th-century Andalusian/Moorish patio. Prices range from 10.50 euros per night for a 19 room mixed share, to 50 euros per night for a twin room share. The hostel offers free walking tours, free salsa lessons and even free Spanish lessons! The pictures on Hostel World make the hostel look like it’s out of an episode of Game of Thrones – like Dorne!  It’s  undeniable that the hostel is indeed beautiful, but during my four night stay I wasn’t exactly ‘comfortable’.

Living Cat's Hostel house

For 200 euros,I wasn’t expecting to open the door to an attic room. The room didn’t even have a window! The aircon didn’t do much to alleviate the smell of feet in the room, and getting up in the mornings was a bit painful when I kept banging my head on the roof.  I honestly felt like Harry Potter when he had to live in the space under the stairs! All the furniture is bought from Ikea – and not the nice ones either. The side of the walls has a sleep bubble drawn on – but really badly and looks a tad tacky. The room was very small – no place to hang up clothes. The ‘ensuite’ bathroom is actually across the hallway, again no window and no ventilation. When you enter it’s like a sauna. When I went in, the shower was already running – the staff had forgotten to turn it off. I wonder how much water they wasted.

Living Cat's Hostel Attic Rooms

The room

The hostel offers free wifi but the connection is honestly terrible, you have to continuously provide your email address to log in. The day time staff are lovely but I found the night time staff incredibly rude. The reception is right across from the bar, and whenever I went down at night with a query they looked over the top of my head to chat to someone at the bar. One very troubling aspect about the Attic rooms was that it is very close to the shared

Living Cat's Hostel garbage

Dirty linen in the front door

rooms – I caught one guy from the shared rooms, walking through the attic area trying all the ensuite toilets to see if he could go in. Two other time either myself or my friend was in the shower and we could hear someone trying to open the door.

In the mornings, it’s a bit shocking to see dirty linen piled up at the front door. Check out is by 11am, which we were not informed about, until we researched it online the night before. Please be aware that when you book, free breakfast is only offered by buying through the Living Cat’s Hostel website. NOT by booking at Hostel World.  At night people sit outside the hostel smoking, on our first night we arrived at midnight and there was a group smoking Marijuana and playing with a stray dog – the reason for which you can read in the comments. The central patio area would be beautiful if it weren’t full of people just lying around on the ground .

Overall I did not have an enjoyable stay at this hostel. I would recommend for other people to search for places closer to the city centre. It was about a 25 minute walk to any main attraction

4 thoughts on “Living in Harry Potter’s Cupboard at the Living Cat’s Hostel Madrid

  1. Reading your comment I can fell you are not a hostel person and you want to make poetry about your stay. Comparing the room with the Harry Potter’s Cupboard is exccesive First at all, there was no dog staying at the hostel, what happend was that two girls show up with a dog willing to stay with us, we could not accomodate them as we can not accep pets. Our receptionist was trying to look for a place accepting pets but all of the places were full or very expensive. Eventually, she offered them, and of curse the dog, her house to stay for that night. A very gesture of goodwill in my opinion that she did.
    There are several things to clarificate:
    You booked a twin dorm with private bathroom, not ensuite as you said. Is your responsability to open and close the door every time you use it, otherwise, people may think they can use the bathroom.
    Check out time is at 11am and we inform you at check in time, where did you see check out time is at 2pm? We need time to make the beds and clean the room, we are humans, no robots.
    You only get free breakfast if you book through our website, you booked by Hostel World, so you missed free drinks and free breakfast.
    We are in the very city centre, 25 min walkin? This is not true, otherwise, why your puntuation in location is 8 of 10 in HW review?
    And the bigger lie. The 3rd photo is just dirty linen waiting to be picked up. This is not thush, we are decent people.
    Of course you are free to write whatever you want to write but, please, be honest with your readers if you care about them.
    Kind Regards


    • Dear Julia, Thank you very much for your response. I have stayed in numerous hostels, and have enjoyed them immensely, I am actually currently in the Black Swan Hostel in Sevilla and it is incredibly comfortable with a great party atmosphere.

      You can understand that regarding the dog I did not know the backstory. All I saw was that at 12am there was dog there, and when my friend woke up at 9am and went down stairs she told me it was still there. I was concerned for the dog – being a big animal lover. In regards to the private bathroom – I understood the idea of a private bathroom as being an ensuite, it is very unusual for there to be a private bathroom not to be an ensuite.

      With people using the private bathrooms – maybe you can advise people in the shared rooms that the attic bathrooms are only for the attic. On our arrival at the hostel no one told us what time our check out time was, from our email I saw that there was the time 2pm on it and believed that to be the check out time. Because of the discrepancy between your website and the hostel world website regarding the free breakfast I was confused – because I assumed regardless one would be able to get free breakfast. I will change this in my review now that the correct information has been explained to me. I truly do think it is a long walk to the city centre – but I don’t think 25 minutes is a big deal, it’s a bit long, but short enough that my friend and I didn’t need to take a bus or metro stop.

      It is incredibly rude and unprofessional to call my review a lie – I wrote my review based on my experience. As you can see from my comments above – I am more than happy to change my review in light of new information – I take my blog very seriously and aim to provide the most up to date information to my readers. Rather than taking my comments as an offence you should take notes on how you can improve your hostel.


    • To clarify I also did not know that the bags were dirty linen – all I saw was that they were piled up trash bags. I will change my review in light of this new information.


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