Eating Chips On The Floor of the Montjuic Castle

The Montjuic Castle is the only castle in Barcelona. You can access it via cable car for stunning views of Barcelona or you can brave the hill and walk up. The castle is described as being to Barcelona what Bastille is to Paris. Having been used to both protect the city, and also squash rebellion. The fortress was used as a prison, and a black flag was raised any time an execution took place.

Montjuic Castle.jpg

The only problem is, once you get up to the castle there is little to no amenities for tourists! There’s some toilets – which honestly are a little feral. Then for food there’s a room with about 4 vending machines. A vending machine for coffee, two for drinks and two for chips. Please do not be fooled by the cafe logo on the castle maps! There is honestly nothing to eat up at the castle. The only other food (nearby) is a restaurant which, while offering stunning views of the city, was a little out of our price range. So the two of us, starving, sat on the floor of the castle and had a few bags of chips. Not the best way to begin exploring a centuries old castle.

Montjuic Castle panorama

Besides the shocking food situation the castle was really fantastic to look through. There was a museum which detailed the history of the castle. As well as amazing views of the city and ports from the top. It was just a little bit shocking that all the food that they offered was from vending machines. They had the room to put a small cafe in, and could have offered visitors some fantastic views, while they eat.

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