Bus Turistic Tour to Girona, Figueres and Dali Museum

Today we got up bright and early for our Bus Turistic Tour to Girona, Figures and the Dali Museum. We met at the travel agent’s place at 8:30am, and quick smart were on our way. During the bus ride our tour guide explained to us the different regions in Spain as well as different places around the world were Catalan – the language of the Barcelona region is spoken. For example it is the national language of the country of Andorra!



Girona is a town in the Catalonian region. It was founded by Romans and is well known for the diverse  architecture, from Roman to Medieval to Gothic. We spent about 2 hours walking from the bottom of the town up to the Roman city walls. We also walked near some Game of Thrones filming sites. You can check out a full guide of filming sites here.  I did have a little fan girl moment when we walked past the stairs that Arya was begging on. Another must-see site is the Sant Pere de Gallivants, which was is the citadel in Season 6 Unfortunately the Catedral de Santa María de Gerona was not open when we went. But it was still a fantastic sight to see from the outside.

Santa Maria Girona


Figueres & The Dali Museum


Figueres is the birthplace of Salvador Dali. You can even see the church that he was baptised in right next to his museum. The Theatre that the museum is in was the place we first held his exhibition when he was 14, after it was destroyed in a fire, he re-designed it into his own museum. It is also his final resting place. The entire museum is like taking a step into Dali’s mind. It is a fantastical experience, featuring artworks by both Dali and other artists. Every piece makes you question it, nothing is ever as it seems! Some pieces are interactive – such as taking a photo changes the image, while others you need to change the perspective you look at it.

Dali Museum feet.jpg

Next to the museum is a smaller Dali Jewellery museum. It only takes about 20 minutes to have a look around, but is worth it. Before I visited these two museums, I always thought of Dali from his famous melting clocks and scream paintings. I never realised how diverse his art style is, and art types. We had the chance to see Dali’s sculptures, architecture, jewellery, painting, and even photography! He truly was a genius. Our guide also explained some recurring themes in his works. The egg represented life, while a broken egg represented death. Closed drawers represented repression while open drawers was like showing your true self.

Overall it was a fantastic day out, I really hope I have the chance to go back. We only had about 2 hours inside the two museums. Not nearly enough time to look through each exhibition with the detail it needs. I did get a Dali moustache magnet from the gift shop -so i’d say it was good day out 🙂



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