The Mother of Pigeons at Plaça de Catalunya

Plaça de Catalunya is the main central square in Barcelona. It is surrounded by a number of department stores and restaurants. But the most significant part of the square is the massive pigeon population. The entire square is filled with these birds, it’s almost like walking through a sea of them.

The small stores that surround the square sell bird seeds for tourists, a decent sized bag only cost 2 euros! Just sprinkling a few of the seeds will cause a flock to be at your feet. For those feeling brave you can put the seeds in your hand and the birds will either eat from it or fly on to it. The birds are very friendly, when they fed from my hand they were very careful not to bite too hard. The only frustrating part of being there, was that some children would run and try to kick or scare the birds. It always surprises me how terrible kids can be.

There was also an instance when the pigeons began flying. It was almost like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’. There were hundreds of them flying around the square in formation. It was a spectacular sight to see!

Plaça de Catalunya pigeons.JPG

The birds flying

I highly recommend checking out Plaça de Catalunya, besides the pigeons, the surrounding statues and water features are a must see.

Plaça de Catalunya fountain.JPG

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