A Day In Luneberg – Food and Shopping Galore!

Straight off the crazy flight from Sydney to Hamburg, I figured the one thing I needed was some good food and window shopping. My friend, who I’ve travelled to Europe to visit, lives in a town called Luneberg, about a 30 minute train ride from Hamberg. The town itself is the iconic picturesque European town that films and television shows try so desperately to capture. The entire town has an effortless atmosphere, everyone moves at their own pace and cafes are always full.


We were seated at the bottom left area 

I was absolutely famished, it’s a strange phenomenon with plane food. You don’t want to eat it, you do, and your stomach immediately represses any memory of having consumed 20160802_122356it. My friend introduced me to a restaurant called Schallander. Which sits perfectly close to the water. We each ordered a Schallischnitzel, which came with roasted potatoes, a schnitzel, onions and melted cheese (although I asked them to hold the cheese).  This food was exactly what I needed, it brought me back to life. It was such a great serving size and absolutely delicious. It cost 14.90 euros – and was worth every single penny. The wait staff were incredibly polite and sweet, I hope I have the chance to go there again!

After that finger licking meal, my friend suggester we go to her favourite gelato shop named ‘Edelmann & Paulig Schokoladenmanufaktur’. We each got a serve of 20160802_135356ice cream – only 1 euro! And also purchased some post cards. The lady working there was so wonderful, she gave us a bit of chocolate to match each of our ice creams! I’m definitely going back there to get some more of it. The store does custom made chocolates for events such as weddings. They also have specially designed chocolates in the shape of iPads, guitars, pretty much anything you can think of.

We then set about exploring the town. We went around the water, and saw some people had started another ‘lock’ bridge. We also came across an interestingly decorated Doctor’s building. We saw the Town Hall, and the old one. We also went into some of the interesting knick knack stores – I bought a tea bag tray for about 3 euros. I also had the chance to head into a supermarket, the amount of different types of tea bags astounded me! I bought a set of ‘Lemon Cake’ tea bags. I can’t wait to see if they actually taste like lemon cake!


One of the more exciting parts of the day was heading into the bigger clothing store and trying on some traditional German clothes. The dresses cost over 100 euros, but were so incredibly beautiful. My friend told me that they were only worn during festivals, but I would wear one every day of the week if I could!

One interesting aspect about Luneberg, and my friend has told me, Germany in general, is their relationship with dogs. My friend mentioned that dogs are held in very high regard in German society, and accompany their owner pretty much everywhere. Most of the dogs were incredibly well behaved, but a few fights almost broke out.

Luneberg was a fantastic way to be introduced to Germany and Europe in general. The people were so incredibly warm and friendly, and the food was fantastic. I can’t wait to see what the rest of my one month Europe adventure has in store for me!


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