Going Crazy for Pokemon Go In Rhodes, Sydney

Unfortunately the Pokestops at the park in Rhodes have now been closed. 

Just like pretty much everyone else in Australia, I was almost instantly hooked on ‘Pokemon Go’. It was the perfect throwback to childhood nostalgia. The game allows individuals to create a  trainer, choose a starter pokemon, and then go out and catch all the first generation pokemon! Of course, some people are going to take this more seriously than others. With some people even using drones to get out of walking.  But the hype has reached crazy levels in the suburb of Rhodes in Sydney, Australia.

Rhodes Pokemon Go.jpg

Rhodes has been one of the go-to places for Pokemon Go in Sydney – the area is littered with rare Pokemon and has a limited number of zubats (praise the Pokemon gods!) What the real kicker is, is the above park (Peg Paterson Park). This little area is dead centre in between 3 pokestops, with players continuously putting ‘lures’ on each pokestop. The additive affect of ‘lures’ combined with the semi-rare pokemon found in Rhodes, makes this playground a Pokemon Go fan’s heaven. The park is even a 5 minute walk from the station, and the main shopping centre which also makes it incredibly convenient. But the residents of the surrounding apartments are definitely not impressed. 

I had the chance to visit the park on Friday, and I gotta say, I really do feel for the residents. The park is literally full of people, you’d think there was a concert. During the Rhodes Pokemon Go Residents Signday it’s generally quiet, I stayed for about 30 minutes, but I did here one guy scream “F*ck yeah” at the top of his lungs  when he caught something – which really wasn’t appropriate. The playground has a 10m rule for smoking, but in my 30 minutes there, I counted 3 smokers sitting ON the equipment with not a care in the world. Some kids even came to try and play but were so intimidated by the crowd they left.

I came back later that night at about 8pm, and it was significantly worse. The crowd had grown about 3 fold, and you could barely move. The smokers had also dramatically increased. Unlike during the quiet day, people were shouting at one another and the chatter was incredibly loud. Around the roads, people ran out without waiting for cars to stop for them. It was just incredibly disgusting to see this kind of behaviour from grown adults.

Pokemon Go is a fantastic game. So far it’s done wonders for the world – it’s gotten people outside, helped others socialise, and learn about their local areas. But the people who play the game, need to know, that just because you want to catch a Pikachu, it doesn’t exempt you from basic courtesy. Please, as the sign says, keep noise to a minimum, don’t smoke around playgrounds (or other areas where you aren’t allowed to), and for the love of Pokemon just have basic respect for your fellow person!


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