Flower Child Cafe – Chatswood

The Flower Child Cafe has gained fame on instagram for it’s eye catching, gorgeous array of food. The cafe is located in the Westfield Shopping centre, and in a separate, almost greenhouse, like room. The kitchen is kept separate, and the the little details on the walls and tables almost make patrons feel like they’re in an English garden.


I’ve been to the cafe twice. The first time I simply ordered some gunpowder green tea with a friend. The second I went to try some of the food. I ordered one of their Aussie Beef Burger – with beef, onions, beetroot, pineapple, tomato and lettuce. The burger also came with chips, on top of this I also ordered some freshly squeezed pineapple juice. Overall I really enjoyed the food at the cafe. It tasted quite nice, while it wasn’t particularly exceptional, it was presented in a really incredible way. The staff are all incredibly polite and kind.


I only had two concerns with the cafe. The first is quite small – but it’s such a small space and the tables are incredibly packed together. To the point that people are literally seated next to one another. There’s no room to shuffle, and everyone feels like a pack of sardines!

My second concern was about the juice I ordered. Now, I’m NEVER one to complain about the food I receive. But for $7 for a glass of juice, I kind of expected to get what I ordered. When I first received the juice, the waitress told me it was orange juice and then quickly corrected to say it was pineapple. I looked at the juice, and it was orange (you can see in the image below), I tasted it, and yep, it was orange juice. When I asked one of the waitresses about it, they told me that when making the pineapple juice they mix it with orange and pear. They offered to remake it for me, but I kind of just wanted straight pineapple juice. I feel that if the menu says it’s pineapple juice, they should just serve pineapple juice. If they want to mix extra fruits in they should say that on the menu. Especially for $7, you want what you paid for!

Overall it was definitely a good place to eat. It’s quite pricey though, so I don’t think I’ll go back again. Maybe I’ll go somewhere else to get my pineapple juice šŸ˜› You can see the full menu and more amazing pics here


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