Supernova Haul – All the monies I spent!

Supernova wasn’t just a fantastic day to see other cosplayers and meet your favourite VIPs. There’s so much awesome art, jewellery, figurines – pretty much anything you can think of – that you can buy!  You can read all about my great day at Supernova Sydney here ! In this post I wanted to share all the great items that I purchased throughout the day. The pictures are taken in groups, because lets be honest, I bought waayyy too much!


Me at Supernova

So the first items that I bought were at this fantastic pop culture inspired jewellery store. There was a set a bracelets (which you can see in my original post) with Percy Jackson, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and even Card Captor charms. I absolutely had to get my hands on the Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit piece. The little charms are amazingly detailed – there’s Bilbo/ Frodo’s sword ‘Sting’, a Hobbit hole door, the eye of Sauron and even a little Gollum! The second piece I got was a small ‘Evenstar’ necklace – Arwen’s necklace that she gives to Aragon. I’ve always loved the necklace in the films, fingers crossed it helps me find my true love :P!

20160619_165650 (1).jpg

The bracelet was AU $20 and the necklace was AU $16


The next Lord of the Rings piece I got, was a Gandalf magnet which says ‘A Wizard is Never Late’. I thought this was hilarious because I’m literally always about 10-15 minutes late to 20160619_165449 (1).jpgeverything. The store (Weta Workshop) also had a White Tree of Gondor magnet and a few other cool ones. But they were about $8 and I really loved this one.

At the same store I also purchased an art print from ‘The Hobbit’. The print shows some Elves at the entrance of Mirkwood. Apparently they had heaps more proper prints, but they had sold out almost immediately. I would’ve loved a print of Riverrun! The store originally sold these prints for about $40, but had a special 50% off deal since it was Supernova!


Above the ‘The Hobbit’ art print you can see two ‘Outcast’ items. I technically didn’t actually buy these. The poster was given away for free at the Outcast stand once you take a free green screen photo! The T-shirt I actually won at the fx stand! Essentially I was given  nerf crossbow (like Daryl’s) and had to shoot 3 walking dead figurines over. I was so excited to win!


Merry really likes the Earth bending scroll!

I was so excited to find these Avatar bending scrolls in Artist Alley. I had seen someone on Tumblr buy them at Smash (an Anime focused convention) and was so jealous that I didn’t get to go! But then I saw these and fell in love all together. So the prints are of the 4 bending scrolls – fire, earth, water and air. The scrolls were $10 each, or $30 for all of them. I figured $30 was a small price to pay to be the Avatar 😛


A bunch more fan art that I bought. The Howl and Sophie one just took my breath away – this is honestly one of my favourite scenes in a film ever. This print was done by Kinky-Chichi. I also bought a Bucky/Steve postcard (top right) – the girls running the store (Lightning Strikes Art) also had a really smutty fan fiction about them – but it was $35 and I wanted to save my monies. From the same store I also bought a Mad Max: Fury Road bookmark for $3 (which was done by Nadia Attlee)! On the bottom right is a Daenerys White Walker artwork – by Austen Mengler, and he also signed it, which made it feel all fancy and cool :D! I kind of wished he had made a Brienne of Tarth piece. Actually I only saw 1 Brienne of Tarth fan art, and it was a bookmark (but I already had my Mad Max one).


The final 2! So I actually found these in the corner of one of the anime paraphernalia stores. They’re from an online card game called ‘Touken Ranbu’. I’ve actually never played it, but thought these looked fantastic. I mean the detail on the white haired fox guy – he’s got the best set of abs on an anime guy I’ve ever seen! Apparently an anime adaptation of it has been announced for next year – I can’t wait to see my gorgeous guys on the screen! I hope they’re nice characters!

Just some final notes…

It would have been nice to see more Brienne of Tarth pieces, and Fire Emblem art works. I felt a lot of the stores just had art of the same things done in different ways – in GOT there was always Dany, Jon and Arya, in Marvel always the Avengers etc. There wasn’t much variation – you just had to choose the artist you liked the most.

But other than that, I loved all the pieces I got and looking through the fantastic art on Artist Alley :)! Next year I’m thinking of going the whole weekend so I can spend my time and scope out the really unique pieces 🙂


6 thoughts on “Supernova Haul – All the monies I spent!

  1. You spent your money well I like the wizard one that’s funny XD this year at Avcon I’ll be scooping out art prints as I feel I don’t have enough, always feels nice to support local artists ❤️

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